How To Organize A Research Paper Title Page In APA Format

The American Psychological Association is responsible for the APA-style of writing, a list of guidelines for formatting research papers and dissertations.

How to Structure an APA Title Page

The first step is choosing your title, since this will be included in your running head. According to the APA manual, you should not have more than 12 words in your title. The running head should appear on the left-hand side of the uppermost corner of your title page, as well as through the rest of the pages in your document. It should be no more than 50 characters, including the spaces and punctuation.

Once the header is set, you should space until the cursor is a little less than halfway down your paper. Center the text and list your title, followed by the byline that lists your first name, middle initial, and last name. Beneath this, you will include the college or university (typically) that you studied at while doing research for the paper. All the information in the paragraph above should be double spaced.

If you are unsure of your structuring and want your paper proofread or need someone to write my paper for me, you can look around online.

Types of APA Papers

There are two common APA papers, a literature review and an experimental report. Within these categories, students may be assigned a term paper, dissertation, or research paper.

A literature review requires the student to collect scientific literature that relates to their chosen topic. By contrast, an experimental report follows the scientific method. The literature review contains a title page, abstract, introduction, discussion, and reference list, while the experimental report contains these elements in addition to sections for methods, results, appendices, and tables/figures.

Common Mistakes

  • Improper Spacing- The number of lines that you leave between each element of the title page is important. Follow the guidelines above unless otherwise stated by your instructor.
  • Incorrect Font Choice-It is true that there are a few acceptable fonts, unless your teacher has stated a preference. The font of the title page should be the same as the font throughout the rest of the research paper.
  • Leaving Out Information- It can be easy to miss something, especially if you are unfamiliar with how to format and write my research paper. If you are in doubt, look up a template or sample APA title page online.

As you compose your research paper cover page, remember to keep the above guidelines in mind. You can also avoid common mistakes by knowing what errors to watch for as you proofread. If in doubt, ask your professor or have a professional proofreader look at it for you.