A Collection Of The Best Research Paper Ideas In History

History is a vast subject, since it can describe times centuries and centuries ago. With such a large expanse, how does a student go about choosing a history topic to research for their college paper? Here are some great topic ideas.

Choosing a Great Topic

You want your topic to interest you. Otherwise, your research work will be tedious and you will be more likely to procrastinate. Additionally, make sure the topic you choose is the write size and has an adequate amount of information for your assignment. If you are ever in doubt, seek your teacher’s approval beforehand.

History Research Paper Topics

  1. The Relationship between Native American Religion and the Environment
  2. An Exploration of the Possible Causes of the Salem Witch Trials
  3. An In-Depth Look at the History of the Chinese Dynasty
  4. An In-Depth History of the Holocaust
  5. How the Transcontinental Railroad Directly Affected Westward Expansion
  6. An Exploration of the History of Electrical Powers and Important Inventors (include Tesla, Edison, and Westinghouse)
  7. Thomas Nast’s Political Cartoons, Public Opinion, and the Downfall of Boss Tweed
  8. The Exploration of Megellen and its Impact
  9. Catholicism and the Church During the Dark Ages of the 13th Century
  10. Weapons of the Middle Ages and the Importance to Survival
  11. Major Changes as a Result of the Mongolian Empire
  12. An Exploration of the Different Cultural Groups that Inhabited Afghanistan
  13. The Role of Yellow Journalism in the Spanish-American War
  14. The Impact of the Automobile on America’s Society and Economy
  15. An Exploration of the History of Africa as a Failed Continent
  16. A History of the Good Times of the Roaring 20s
  17. An In-Depth Look at the First Amendment, Why it is Important, and Issues that Have Arrived
  18. An Analysis of the Thirteenth Amendment and How African Americans Were Still Denied Their Freedom After the Abolishment of Slavery
  19. An Analysis of Gustave Courbet and How He Influenced the Realism Movement in 19th Century France
  20. The Impact of Buddhism on the Chinese Empire
  21. Causes of William the Conqueror Rising to the Position as King of England
  22. The Influence of Geography on Greek History
  23. The Role of Small Pox in the Colonization of the Americas
  24. The Significance of Article IX in the Post-World War II Constitution of Japan
  25. Pol Pot and His Role in the Creation of Cambodia: Positive and Negative Impacts
  26. Compromises That Postponed the Conflict Between North and South America
  27. Scandal and Corruption in the Gilded Age
  28. A History of the Domestication of Dogs and Cats in America
  29. How the Entry of the United States into World War I Changed the Outcome
  30. A Comparison of Slavery in Virginia vs. Slavery in Cuba
  31. The Role of Slavery in Colonization of America
  32. The Chinese Empire Under Deng Xiaoping and the Four Modernizations
  33. An Exploration of the History of Hip Hop Music

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